q: where are you based?
a: i'm based in dunfermline scotland, but will pretty much travel anywhere.

q: is there a deposit?
a: yes. a £400 for the feature film and a £250 for the highlights. more info about this is in the contract. 

q: how far in advance do you take bookings?
a: i'd probably say around a year and half in advance; so at the moment, i'm taking bookings for 2019 and 2020, but not further than that.

q: do you travel outside of scotland?
a: if you're willing to cover the travel costs, i'll go to the moon.

q: what are the travel costs?
a: in scotland/britain - we'll travel a 75 mile radius of dunfermline for free, anything over that will be charged at .30p per mile. travel more than 3 hours will require accommodation to be provided for at least the night before the wedding. destination/abroad weddings depend on the mode of transport, so this will need to be discussed. 

q: why do you only supply a digital copy? and can i request physical copies?
a: i only supply a digital version because physical copies are becoming obsolete. i shoot in HD, but the video needs to be compressed down so much to fit a dvd that it ends up not looking great on the big tv’s that we have nowadays. i can make blu-rays that can display the HD quality video, but do you own a blu-ray player? i could give you a USB, but i already supply digital copies so it seems a little pointless. it makes sense for photographers to supply a physical album or something similar, but it’s not the same for us. if you’d like dvds to give to relatives i can make some up for you at an additional cost, but i would need to sell them in batches of at least 5-10. feel free to make copies of the digital files and/or burn your own discs to give to family (more about this in the contract).

q: how long will the video take until it's done?
a: depends on the time of year, but probably upwards of 5-6 months. the earlier in the year your wedding is the faster i'll be able to get it to you. as they year goes on the back log grows so the delivery time increases. the style that i do takes a while to edit so i need the extra time to figure it out. you're going to have it for life, so i'd rather not rush it just to get it done faster.

q: do you have an assistant/second shooter?
a: yes.

q: do you offer aerial/drone footage?
a: no.

q: is the vhs effect optional? 
a: yes. if you like the way i shoot but are not a fan of the vhs effect then still feel free to get in touch, i'm fairly flexible about the edit so i'm sure we can figure something out. i may ask to do my own version for the website, but your personal copy can be whatever you like. the only thing that i wouldn't change is the shooting style. i tend to judge the vibe of the wedding on whether or not use the vhs effect.

q: what's the policy on re-editing the video if i want anything changed?
a: i usually let people see it before sending over the completed files, so if there’s any feedback that you have after that first viewing then feel free to tell me. depending on the size of the request it may incur an additional charge, but for some minor changes; some shots are too dark, music too loud, too many shots of someone you don’t want in the video etc. that shouldn’t be a problem to fix up for you.

q: what music is used?
a: i'll choose your music. i used to let people choose their own music, but i decided to change that fairly recently for two reasons: 1. you technically need specific licences to use popular music, and the horror stories that i've heard about people being caught out using music without these licences is pretty scary. 2. the music is one of the main emotional driving forces behind your video, so it can potentially hamper what i can do creatively if i only have a small selection of songs to choose from. i have access to a huge library of high quality, licensed tracks that i can go through in order to edit your video in the best way that i possibly can. don't worry though, i'll have a chat with you before hand to see what style and genre of music you prefer, what artists and songs you like to listen to etc. in order for me to not only choose what's right for your video, but also something that you'll enjoy listening to. i also like that when you see the video for the first time, the experience is completely new for you; well-known, popular music can sometimes over-power the visuals.

q: will the videos be shared publicly?
a: yes, i may share them publicly as a means to advertise the business. if you’d prefer i didn’t then just let me know and we can talk about it.

q: do you do half-day/ceremony only videos?
a: not really, if your wedding is close; as in about a month away, and you've decided at the last minute that you'd like your ceremony covered, then give me a shout and, if i'm available, i might help out. but i wouldn't take on any half-day bookings months in advance. not on a weekend anyway, weekday weddings are different.

q: do you do pre-shoots/engagement shoots?
a: i would only offer this if your photographer was doing it and they were happy for me to tag along, i wouldn't offer it by myself. not yet anyway.

q: will you need fed?
a: it would be really appreciated, yes. some venues don’t have anywhere to buy food and it's a long day so a packed lunch doesn't really cut it.

q: how will you be dressed?
a: shirt, smart trousers and shoes; and probably a flat cap. i've tried doing the whole tie and a suit-jacket thing, but i find it too hot and restricting. 

q: can i have all the raw, unedited footage?
a: no. the way i film is in quite a 'reactionary' style, which basically means that i don't really plan what i'm filming, i just shoot what i see (and i shoot A LOT). so if you were to look at the raw footage, it would just look absolutely mental and incoherent. whereas i go through every second of footage choosing the best bits in order to tell your story in the best way that i can. all you'd be missing out on is alternate versions of shots that are already in there, shots that are unusable or shots that aren't great; they can't all be winners! so you wouldn't be missing anything, it would just be really boring to go through and watch it all without the music. it would be a little like going into a restaurant, eating the meal that the chef has specifically prepared and then asking for the individual ingredients afterwards.

q: can i request a screenshot to use as a photo if i like one of the shots?
a: yes. 

q: are you insured?
a: yes, i have public liability insurance, but i'd still recommend getting your own wedding insurance.

any other questions then just drop me a message here